Rule no. 2- Boundaries

Set them as soon as you can. Specifically in relation to the kids and your room. Your room is yours. Are the kids cute? Yes. Do they wanna play with you? Yes. Do you want them to like you? Yes. Can they play in your room? NO. After a month or two the room rule should be slackened a little bit, but for the first month at least your room is your sanctuary. You set this rule early because then the kids know that your room is NOT their play room. You set this rule so that when you need alone time, you have it. If you let them in right off the bat, they will never leave! Prime example happened the other day: the boys were downstairs watching a movie, so I decided that since they were fine I would take a few moments in my room to read a bit of Terry Pratchett's genius (Moving Pictures). I go upstairs, I go into my room, grab my book, turn around, AND THEY FOLLOWED ME!

It is normal. You arrive, and the kids are cute and you want them to love you! You will be TEMPTED. Don't give in! You NEED an alone place! YOU NEED IT! Because otherwise you'll end up with the event that transpired with me and my charges. (the ending of which turned out with me being the bad guy for saying that they have to go back downstairs)


  1. Love this! Great rule! Did you go back down with them?

  2. Nope, I read my book. I needed me time!

  3. Thanks for the rules! I'l lgo to France as au pair next december. I've read many blogs, but the most of them are about girls going to usa.
    I'd like to know how is the europe life style, the french life style! I'm so afraid with how will be my life there? how are the kids?
    I'm from Argentine, and i'm studting french currently.
    I've left my english classes, so i'm sorry for the many mistakes haha

    I'll follow this blog, see you! :)